Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things that make me Angry Face: Over Population

I don't like children, but I have no problem with people having a few. I know that quite a few people get off on having a spawn of their own. It's important to keep the family line going, and let's face it, women love to brag about their babies.

However, I feel that there should be a limit on how many you should have. I think 4 should be the maximum for the traditional working family. Though once in awhile you come across people who think that it's their duty to have more kids, or then you have the families where fertility treatments went haywire. Example being Jon&K8, or Octomom, two stupid women who weren't content to have a normal sized family, and so in turn fucked around with their womb meats, and now, sadly, have more kids that should be allowed. But then again you have the Duggar family. Who are waiting on child number 19. That's right. Nineteen children, because they feel it's their duty to breed like rabbits. It wouldn't be so bad, if they didn't feel the need to have a reality show pay for everything they own, along with their church. If you're going to have that many children, take the responsibility and get a real job. I can't stress how much I hate seeing people like that getting a free ride, just because they couldn't keep their legs closed.

It bothers me so much, becuase there are children out their who need to be adopted, because they're from families who can't take care of them. Instead of bringing countless children into the world, because you just love kids soooo much, take in one that really needs a home. I understand that people want their own kids, but seriously, too much is too much.

Remember, it's a vagina, not a clown car. There is no sane reason to keep on having children. If you're doing it for religious reasons, you're not getting into heaven any faster.

Fed up, Zombie Julie

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