Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things that make me Angry Face: More to Love

First of all, this picture doesn't really relate to the topic at hand, which is about the fat people love show on Fox Network, but I think it fits, in a way, and I like it.

Moving on, in case you didn't know, More to Love is a reality love show on TV, much like The Bachelor, and The Bachlorette, only instead of thin, beautiful people, it's about fat people. Same exact plot as The Bachelor, but it's oh so special, because we're making fat men and especially women feel good about themselves. The basis of the show is, a fat guy has to choose for himself the prettiest fat girl out of a giant herd.

This show is marketing itself as a breakthrough, because it's the first of it's kind, since I doubt anyone else out there thinks larger people can find love, especially fat women, because God knows, "No Fat Chicks." I've noticed that it's becoming a lot more normal to have fat people on reality TV, though usually in the form of weight loss. So in a sense, it's a good thing, because it's trying to tell people that size doesn't have to matter when it comes to looks, love and happiness.

This show is trying to make people believe that for this one fat single guy, looks don't matter, and it's what's on the inside that counts, but please, we all know no one would watch it. So like all reality TV, it's a beauty contest, which basically says, the thinnest fat girl will win. It's sad that you have to take these girls, who I'm sure know that their less than acceptable to the public, and submit them to things like swimsuit competions. There's nothing people these days like more than sex, and putting other people down for what they are outwardly, and this show does both.

Though it's not just the show to blame. It's these stupid girls who actually fell for it, that I have a problem with. Just because you're a big girl, does not mean you have to degrade yourself for love, by going on national TV, just to find a mate. What they don't realise is, they don't have to lower their standards for love, for a man, or for fame, and yet they think this is the only way they'll get anything. I guess people, especially women don't get is that the love of the opposite sex isn't the most important thing in the world. Everyone has the desire to love, and be loved, but seriously, there are much better ways than to find it on TV. Especially when we all know, these relationships never last.

I honestly thought fat people were supposed to be jolly, but I guess not. Instead of being so self-loathing, do something about it, or learn to be satisfied with what you have. And please, never ever let the world tell you who you should look like, love, or be.

Here, Zombie Julie.

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