Monday, February 22, 2010

Things that make me Angry Face: Black History Month

Yes, I HATE the fact that February is called "Black History Month." No. NO I am not racist, no I do not hate black people. I think it's a great idea that we are recognizing a group of people who have done so much to help build our country. (aka America) What I don't like is why BHM is the only time we're acknowledging a minority.

What about the Chinese, who basically built the entire American rail road? How many of them lost their lives all for a country that probably at that time, didn't care if they lived or died.

What about the Immigrants from all over Europe who left their families, risked their health, endured poverty, famine, and the ignorance of Americans, and still had more pride, and who still worked harder for a country their hardly knew? What about them? Why don't we have Irish History Month, or Italian Pride Month? I'm sorry, but "Jersey Shore," and a St. Patrick's day parade aren't really cutting it.

What about the Japanese Americans, who during WWII, were forced into internment camps just because of their ancestry, why don't we care about them?

What about the Hispanics, who fight so hard to get into our country, so that they can work for barely anything, because we as Americans, are just too fucking lazy to do these shit jobs. Why do we waste so much of our time, complaining about how much we want them out of our country, about how lazy they are, when I sure as hell never see white people out in a field in the middle of the summer doing hard labour.
What about the Native Americans, who, you know, pretty much lost EVERYTHING they had, so that white people could come out on top? Of all the people in this country who deserve our thanks, and gratitude, these are the people, people! But do we care, no.

So, I don't care if this country has a month dedicated to a certain group of people, I think it's wonderful for people to learn more about those who shaped our nation. I just don't think it's fair to be so damn exclusive.

And that's what makes me angry, because you can't build a country on the backs of one person, or one group of people. It takes all kinds, and I think they ALL deserve thanks.

Yours, ZJ



  1. Oh, I feel the same way! And I think it should, hypothetically, be Black History Month every month. Why don't we just put all the contributions made by African Americans in the history books and consider it just plain history instead of thinking about it just one month a year?

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